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Adjust letter size

Sometimes it is more comfortable if the size of the letters on your computer screen is bigger. You can adjust this in the menu on the right at the top.


This website has been made in such a way that it can be shown on as many browsers as possible. If the website is not shown properly, it usually means that you have an older version of your browser. From the website you can download (for free) a more recent version.

Menu structure

You can navigate through the site via the horizontal main menu and the submenu�s. By choosing a menu item you can also navigate via the submenu under the main menu. The link path, close under the menu, is another easy way to go back to the pages where you came from.

The main menu contains this site�s main groups. By moving over these groups with the mouse the colour changes and the submenu items are shown. Click on a main menu item or a submenu item to show the page of that item.


On this website links are shown in a different colour and underlined. You can use them to navigate directly to the correct page.


The menu in the top contains the search field. In it you can type one or more search terms. The results are shown on a different page and contain a link with which you can go to the desired information.