From employment

With the PCN Pension Fund you accrue a supplementary pension on top of the basic income (AOV) from the government.

Retirement pension

As an employee in the government, education and healthcare sector, or affiliated companies in the Dutch Caribbean region, you accrue pension with your employer's pension fund, called retirement pension. This pension is paid to you for the rest of your life as of the retirement date. Please click on accrue pension for more information about the pension plan of the PCN Pension Fund.

Pension in the event of your death

If you die, your partner and/or children will receive pension. Your partner receives a lifelong partner pension and your children receive an orphan's benefit until they are 21. Please go to death for more information.

Pension in the event of occupational disability

In the event of occupational disability, the pension fund has arranged for a disability pension. To qualify, you have to meet certain requirements. Please go to occupational disability for more information about pension in the event of occupational disability.