The board of the pension fund is responsible for the management of the pension fund and the execution of the pension plan. The payment of benefits to retirees is part of this as well.

Our board consists of four members. Two of them have been nominated by the representation of the public-sector employers on the BES islands. The other two board members have been nominated by the unions of employees that have been admitted to the so called ‘sectoroverleg’ for Caribisch Nederland.

The members of the board are appointed for 4 years and are eligible for re-appointment at the end of that period. A second re-appointment is possible under certain conditions.

The board works according to a rotation schedule. This is to prevent that the end of the term of office of all four board members falls in the same year.

These are the Board members:

  Name Function
H.W.T. Linkels (Harald)
V.F. Marcha (Valdemar)
The unions of the social partners
Deputy chairman
R.J. Hooker(Roy)
Deputy Secretary
G. Bergsma (Gerard)
The unions of the social partners