Supervisory board

The Supervisory Board has a compliance function and consists of three independent members. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board is appointed by the Minister of Interior and Kingdom Relations. One member is appointed by the Supervisory Board on the recommendation of the employer representatives and one member on the recommendation of the unions.

The Supervisory Board consists of the following people:

  Name Function
Drs. C.J.A. (Kees) Maas
H. (Herbert) Domacassé
The unions of the social partners
Sectoral consultation Dutch Caribbean

The Supervisory Board always has the following tasks:

  • the evaluation of the policy and management procedures and processes and the checks and balances within the Pension Fund.
  • the evaluation of the way in which the Pension Fund is managed.
  • the evaluation of the way in which the Board deals with long-term risks.
  • the determination of the reimbursement for the Board members.

For the execution of these tasks, the Supervisory Board is entitled to:

  • all information required by the Board for a correct execution of the abovementioned tasks.
  • meet with the Board to discuss all Board tasks.
  • meet wit the external auditor and certifying actuary.