Partner and orphan's pension

AWW benefit from the government
In the event of your death your partner and/or children may be entitled to a state benefit. This is laid down in the Widows and Orphans Benefits Act (AWW). Your partner needs to apply for these benefits with the Dutch Caribbean government department, which administers the AWW benefit on behalf of the government. Go to for additional information.

Surviving dependants' pension from the Pension Fund
Together with the accrual of retirement pension you also accrue partner and orphan's pension. In the event of your death during participation in this pension plan payment of the partner and orphan's pension is linked to the retirement pension that you could have achieved if you had continued participation in the pension plan until the retirement date.

Partner pension

If you are married and you die during participation in this pension plan, your partner will receive a lifelong benefit. The partner pension is equal to 70% of the projected retirement pension. If your employment is terminated, the partner pension will be 70% of the accrued retirement pension.

Orphan's pension

In the event of your death, your child(ren) receive an orphan's pension until they are 21 years old (children who are studying or disabled until they are 25 years old) if they comply with the applicable requirements. If the orphan is married or has been married, there is no entitlement to orphan's pension. The child(ren) for whom you had a liability of maintenance or your foster child(ren) are also entitled to orphan's pension if they comply with the applicable requirements.

The orphan's pension is 14% of the retirement pension. If both parents have passed away, the orphan's pension is 28% of the retirement pension.

Will my pension be increased?

Each year the Pension Fund tries to increase your accrued pension. This is done to ensure that your pension keeps in line with the price development as much as possible. However, the reserves of the Pension Fund must be sufficient to do this. Please go to indexation for more information on indexation of your pension.